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General provisions

Modern Pentathlon is a unique competition in which the athlete becomes a champion, who is better than others in five different kinds of sports: fencing, swimming, jumping, running and shooting. The last two types are combined in one discipline, combined event, where the athlete during a cross at a distance of 3200 meters is shooting on four firing lines. Performance is evaluated in each kind a certain amount of points. The winner is determined by the maximum amount of points accumulated during all the Competitions. One point is a one second gap or advantages in the final form of the program, running and shooting (combined event).

The personally-team championship on most Tournaments (World and European Championships, World Cup) competitions are held in two phases - preliminary tournaments (semi-finals) and finals. In the semi-finals the athletes competing in tetrathlon (without jumping). In the final 36 athletes take part.

In addition, three Relay (men, women, mixed) are included into the program of the World Championships in Modern Pentathlon. In relays may be a one team of two people from each country.

All kinds of programs are held on the same day. Athletes usually have one day of the rest between the semi-final and the final. The order forms during the final competitions are usually the following: swimming, fencing, show jumping, combined event.


In swimming athletes compete in the distance of 200 meters freestyle (in relay races - 2 x 100 meters). For the result of 2.30,00, athlete (or team) receives 250 points, every 0.33 seconds better or worse than this result, increase or decrease its scores 1 point. For example, the result of 2.20,00 (or even 2.20,32) will give athlete (team) 280 points, the result of 2.20,33 (up to 2.20,65 inclusive) - 279 points, but the result of 2.33,00 - 241 points.

The races are formed in accordance with the results of the athletes in this discipline, swimming. All the strongest swimmers among the participants of the Tournament will start in the last race.


Pentathletes perform in fencing on swords. Fencing Competitions are held in a circular system - each fencer meets each. The fight takes place until a single injection. To score 250 points, the athlete has to win 70% of matches. There are 36 athletes in the competitions, each athlete holds 35 fights, and in order to get 250 points, he has to win 25 of them. Each victory is above or below this result is estimated as 6 points. That is the athlete, who has won 30 victories, receives 280 points, and the one who wins only 15 fights, will receive 190 points.

Jumping (horse riding)

In the competition for the riding or jumping in individual-team championship pentathletes pass specifically set route length of 350 - 450 meters, where there are 12 obstacles in height from 110 to 120 centimeters, including a combination of two obstacles (dual system) and a combination of three obstacles (ternary system). The route, which is passed accurately for standard time (usually from 1 minute to 1 minute and 17 seconds), brings the athlete 300 points. Penalty points for the overdue time and errors during the passage of the track are deducted from this amount .

The Relay route length for each of the participants is 260 - 300 meters and includes 8 obstacles without combinations.

The list of horses must be given to athletes at least 1 hour before the draw. As a result of fencing and swimming, an athlete or a team, which wins the first place, pulls the lot first. On the basis of the lot the other horses (pre-numbered) are automatically distributed among the remaining athletes (teams). For example, if the leader has chosen by lot the horse 6, the second athlete (team) is horse 7 and so on.

To get acquainted with the horse, the athlete is allowed to sit in the saddle for 20 minutes before the performance and make the 5 warm-up jumps. This is a special warm-up field.

If the horse does in the first round two refusals at three obstacles, athletes who must act on that horse in the following rounds have the right to perform at the reserve horse. The athlete, who makes a decision to perform at the reserve horse must immediately notify the referee, and then determines reserve horse by drawing lots. Otherwise, the athlete must perform on the horse as defined initially.

Combined event

Combined event is a cross at a distance of 3200 meters with shooting at four firing lines. In relays combined event consists of two stages at 1600 meters. Passage race in 13 minutes 20 seconds, are rated in 500 points. Every second which is better or worse this time increases or decreases the result by 1 point.

Across 20 meters after the start, an athlete comes to the shooting range, where he is shooting from a laser gun at five targets located at a distance of 10 meters, which he must hit at a maximum of 50 seconds. Top shooters among pentathletes spend for 10-15 seconds on all the targets. If even after 50 seconds, the athlete can not hit all the targets, he still continues to run. An athlete returns to the firing line after the passage of regular distance of 800 meters.

The leader of the competitions, after three kinds of program, goes to combined event distance by first, the closest pursuer - second, and in that time, he has to play. For example, if an athlete ranks second is behind the leader on 5 points, it starts 5 seconds after him, the one who loses 60 points, will go to the combined event distance a minute after the leader.

In this way, the audience can watch the fight in live. Who runs by the first one, he is the leader of the competition. Accordingly, the winner of the tournament is the player who first crossed the finish line.